pictures of samos

  • beaches of Samos

    samos beaches

    Samos has many beautiful beaches. Ireon has 2 beaches in the village and outside the village Papas beach. In the south-east you can find the sandy beach Psili Amos. Very popular because you can walk almost 600 meters into the sea. In the South-West of Samos there are also several sandy beaches.

  • Villages of Samos

    Villages of Samos

    At the coast there are many villages. If you take the time to discover Samos better, you will find many old mountain villages. The latest years some of these almost abandoned villages are brought back to live again. Young people come back and rebuild the old houses.

  • Samos FloraSamos Flora

    The flora of Samos is magnificent. The big fire, where nature was partly destroyed, was already 14 years ago and all plants, flowers and trees are flourishing like never before. Samos really is The Green Isle

  • Spring at SamosSpring at Samos

    In spring all the flowers give color to the isle. There are fields with wild flowers as far as you can see. Spring has arrived! If you like nature, April and May are the best months to visit. It is not too hot to walk and to enjoy beautiful walks in nature.

  • Ireon Music FestivalIreon Music Festival

    Already more than 10 years Ireon is the center of the Ireon Music Festival. Every year 7, 8 and 9 August national and international bands change Ireon in a rock palace for 3 days. There is a huge stage near the sea. This event has become very famous

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