Ireon beach

ireon - the nice village at samos isle

    • Hera Temple Ireon Samos

      Ireon - the HERA temple

      Ireon is the place which was, long before people, inhabited by the Olympian Gods. The village is situated at the south-eastern coast of Samos island. It lies at the mouth of the river Imvrasos, where according to our tradition the grand Goddess Hera was born. (Pausanias VII 4.4) Beyond its long lasting history, its substructure and its modern amenities the village still remains pittoresque and hospitable.

      • Ireon beach Samos

        Ireon pleasures during your holidays

        Ireon is surrounded with a forest of olive groves and the finest wine-yards from where the famous worldwide and prize-winning wine of Samos originates. The village offers a nice choice of restaurants that serve tasty national as well as international cuisine. Enjoy your drink, listen to the music (Greek and International) and look at the numerous stars above you in one of the bars; it makes the end of your day unforgettable.

      • Ireon Beach

        Lovely nature and nice beaches

        Ireon is famous not only for its magnificent temple ( 6st century B.C.) but also for the beautiful nature in the near surroundings. Just outside the village you can enjoy a 7 kms walk along the beach (one of the longest beaches of Greece) or you can have a walk in the hills with a beautiful view over sea.

      • Nautic museum Ireon

        new: Ireon nautic museum

        Next year (2015) the Ireon Nautic museum will open its doors. The new museum gives a nice overview of the maritime history of Ireon and Samos.